Our contemporary, all-day menu boasts an eclectic array of tantalising and bold dishes combining exquisite flavours from around the world with fresh local produce. Basically, food with attitude.

Uniquely prepared with ingredients and techniques inspired by Earth, Sea, Land and Fire; each dish will excite and ignite the senses.

Perfect to enjoy at any time of day, the menu is designed to be shared amongst friends in a relaxed setting.

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Head down the rabbit hole as you choose from our
expertly crafted selection of classic cocktails, alongside
innovative new house creations.

Suspend every day and watch as our mixologists
conjure up ‘Moskito Magic’ signature serves, using
carbonated technology to create a smoked bubble effect.

From the sublime to the refined, guests can also enjoy
an inspiring collection of spirits, wines, and artisanal craft
beers and ciders.